Let the Yuen Method help you to overcome your life challenges.

Online Private Session

My session fees are

US$40 for a  session (30 minutes)


US100 for 3 sessions. These are the cheapest sessions anywhere. I can offer this price because I have been subsidised. I reduce my costs because I want to help.

. Thats alot of clearings, optimisations, and attunements! It also includes a week of daily remote strengthenings to ensure you keep and maintain your results.

Amazing, Fast, Results

My focus is on giving you the best results.

My mission is to help raise the vibrational frequency of humanity and end needless suffering. 


My name is Khadine Alcock. I have been strengthening people, animals and challenging situations using the Yuen Method for years! I am a certified Yuen Method Consultant. It is the most amazing energy healing technique because of its fast results and simplicity. If something is bothering you...whether it be illness, stress, weightloss or emotional pain, the Yuen Method can work for you. 

About  The Yuen Method

You have probably noticed that you feel Stronger just by being on this website! All the images are infused with energy to make you feel Stronger. This is a sure way to test if you have any doubts that this will work for you: simply check to see if you feel a little bit more energised, vibrant and healthy.

Our goal is to shift the energy around a problem and when that happens, we improve.

We offer remote sessions at a cheaper rate!

Session can be done remotely for the cost of USD 65 for 3 sessions.

In a remote session, we are in contact by email or whatsapp.I send you a form and you will email it back to me so I can begin our remote session. I will do the corrections and get feed back from you. Based on your needs ( its your session afterall), we can be in contact via, whatsapp, zoom calls, email or even schedule . The advantage of remote sessions are for busy people unable to meet on zoom but need an issue handled. Or if the session is for a family member or loved one or the person is hospitalised and can't meet but you want improvements for them. Depending on time zones or schedules or if the person is hospitalised and unable to communicate, sessions are done and a recording is also done for the sponsor. Remote sessions were designed for urgent care. Basically, the sessions can be flexible to give you optimal results.

Energy is everywhere and in everything so thats why it works whether its by email or conference call.