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My name is Khadine Alcock. I have been strengthening people, animals, and challenging situations using the Yuen Method for over 10 years! Before that I was a Reiki Master, Iyengar yoga instructor, Sports Nutritionist and Law of Attraction Coach.I have my university degree in Arts and Education and I have worked in the corporate world as well as managed a wellness center for patients. I also worked as a teacher for students who are on the autism spectrum, gifted and special learners who had learning gaps. I am a certified Yuen Method Consultant. It is the most powerfully effective energy healing technique because of its fast results and simplicity. If something is bothering you...whether it be illness, stress, weightloss, manifesting abundance or your best life or emotional pain, the Yuen Method can work for you. You feel improvements almost instantly.



Kam Yuen was the founder of the Yuen Method. He used his wisdom, knowledge and experience as a 35th Generation Grandmaster Sholin Master,  Aerospace Engineer and Chiropractor and created the Yuen Method. He created it and intended it to be a Fast, Powerful technique appling laws of quantum physics, the universe, the physical movement in the body, martial arts and power within the spinal column. You can also check out



There are several ways that you can set up a session. You can book using the 'book a session' button above to select a date and time or you can use the 'Contact me' button below to email me. Additionally, you can use the 'contact me' form to message me.


Sessions are fun, easy and effective.Most importantly, you feel Results and really Improve. Try it today!

One Session for US$55


A 45 minute, easy and fun session to feel a change by the end of the session.


After purchasing a session, please book a time. You can always also contact me via email or the messenger below or via whatsapp...whichever way is comfortable for you. If you have any difficulty with the payment button below, please contact me and I can send you a private (secure) link.



Three Sessions Package for US$140

Three private one on one sessions for the US140 was created to make session sustainable for persons who require more than one session. Sometimes there are more than one issue to resolve. It also is useful if you wanted to gift a session to a loved one. 


After purchasing this package, please book an appointment using the 'book a session' button or email me or message me or whatsapp me. If you have any difficulties using the payment button, please contact me and I can send you a private link.

Promotional Package three sessions for US90

This special promotion is created for persons who have chronic, severe issues that would require weekly sessions. It can be used for cases such as autism, cancer, reoccuring issues etc. Feel free to contact me to ask if this will work for you. The sessions are 30 minutes long and usually follow an energy healing protocol so it focuses on particular issues. so, it is less flexible than the regular sessions where you can bring up new questions or other issues.


The sessions are typically for three sessions within a week or close to each other to increase momentum and reach final resolution. Some sessions are done on Google Meet but also done remotely.This is also perfect for busy persons or when you are doing sessions for a loved one.



Contact Me for Any Queries 

I love hearing from you! You can use this form to message me with any questions about the Yuen Method or let me know how I can support you on your journey to improvement. My goal is to contribute to the improvement of the human experience on Earth.Let's get the improvements going!

If you want to book a session, please use the 'Book a Session' button above or just message me here.

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Energy is everywhere and in everything. So, that's why it energy healing works. We are all connected by energy no matter how far away we may be. Experience the fast results of the most powerful technique on the planet! Try a session today!

Our goal is to shift the energy around a problem


when that happens, we improve!